Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect 15.2

Creates and visualizes software design projects

Manage software development projects and modify the code in the dedicated environment with designing tools for UML diagrams. It contains a set of customizable templates and provides options for visualization of code engineering in over 10 languages. Shared access to the data repository is possible.

Empowered with UML technology, Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive UML analysis and modeling tool that can be a great help for any organization when creating advanced software projects and business systems. This tool supports Code Engineering, Project Management, System Administration, XML Technologies, and MDA Transformations. This application has been designed with extensive functionality to suit all types of professional users.

Using these flexible, fast, and advanced features, you can design, implement, test, and maintain models using UML, SysML, BPMN and other open modeling standards. You can also develop and edit transformation templates, create high-quality documentation from a given model, convert its elements and model fragments from one domain into another, and much more. You can create and update source code from UML model elements in many programming languages, as well as import existing source code into model elements.

The tool provides debugging functionality for .NET, Java, and Microsoft Native (C, C++, and Visual Basic) applications, and helps you create and store custom scripts. Though it is a complex tool, by using its detailed help menu you can familiarize yourself with this program very easily. Integrated with highly optimized functionality, EA is one of the best choices to build and document robust, maintainable systems, and processes.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Supports UML 2.1 specification, Code Engineering, Project Management, System Administration, etc
  • Intuitive interface and detailed help menu
  • Powerful tool


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